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i jus figered dis shit out

~*BASICS*~ NAME: bongdick AGE: 20 LOCATION: MO FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS/WTFEVER: I basically lyke everyting. eye m mostly into gangsta-ass hard shit lyke 50 cent an also metal, an lyke sum41 an alla demz, butt eye kin get down 2 lyke, brittney or whateva ~*OPINIONS*~ KEN JENNINGS: do u see-ree-us-lee dink eye kare about dat, idongiveaFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! SXE (IT'S NOT FUCKEN SEX, IT STANDS FOR STRAIGHTXEDGE): HELL FUCKIN NO! EYE M PRACTICALLY ALWAYZ WAYSTID!!!!!!!1 an sumtimes eye am hi, i lyke 2 do acid an shrooms an shit. an x 2 CANNIBALISM: eye haven’t tried it yet BEASTIALITY: I almost fukkd a kat by axident 1 time, but I wuz lyke ,to-tally waystid an I dink on acid 2, or x or somepin GROUPHUG.US: fuck dat, soundz lyke its 4 sissyz an pussyz ANGELINA JOLIE'S CRAZY-HUGE LIPS: suckt my dick an got her hi LOW-FAT POPTARTS: FUCK DAT SHIT!!!!! WUT DA FUCK IZ WITU KIDS!?!?!?!?!?!??!1 LOW-CARB FOODS: only if deey’z lite beer ~*OTHER*~ PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING GROSS ABOUT YOURSELF ( confession. not a lame one, plz): eye don’t have NE tonsilz PLEASE TELL US THE STORY OF HOW MOTHER ANGELICA LOST HER EYE: U DINK I FUCKIN NO DAT!!!!!! WUT DA FUCK IZ DIS SHIT!!!!!!! U FUCKS IZ KRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WRITE A HAIKU ABOUT LEPROSY (five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables)0: oh shit I don’t got no skin but eye still do lots a fuckin fuckin cuz eye m sew hott ok, wut da fuck iz a silable PROMOTE THIS COMMUNITY IN A JOURNAL OR ANOTHER COMMUNITY. PUT A LINK TO THE ENTRY HERE (WE WILL FUCKEN CHECK): fyne, i give up, hear: DRAW SOMETHING IN 1 MINUTE IN MS PAINT (NO FUCKEN PHOTOSHOP!!!) WE WILL KNOW IF YOU'RE LYING, YOU FUCK: wut da hel is MS an wut da hell iz photoshp ~*PICTURES*~ POST PICTURES. CLEAR ONES. OF YOU. Yeah rite!!!!!!!!! i gots 1, dont u sea mah kewl mustash!?!?! i kant shoe mah FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN THREE AND LESS THAN THIRTEEN. ONE MUST BE 100x100 FOR THE COMMUNITY INFO, IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED
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